Jado Hark is Here for His Clients Every Day No Matter the Hour. Find Out More Below.

Have you ever had a business be there for you truly 24 hours of the day, seven days a week? For most businesses, it is very rare that they are available nearly around the clock for their customers. Not for Jado Hark, however. Jado believes, above everything else, his customers are the true driver of everything in the business world and in particular, for his business.

“I don’t have business hours, I’m accessible any day and any time, and I really do genuinely care about my clients,” Jado states.

Jado is an entrepreneur in the real estate industry that began his career in the nightlife industry. While he loves this business, it wasn’t the best for starting or even raising a family. He was constantly having to sacrifice time with his family for his job. However, his nightlife job helped line him up for his new career in the real estate world.

“I started my career in the nightlife industry, opened my first nightclub at the age of 23, owned and operated multiple venues at the same time. When I started a family I couldn’t balance a healthy family lifestyle with the nightlife so I ended up venturing off to real estate where I was able to use my network to excel in real estate and specifically in the luxury department by representing athletes and other high end clientele,” Jado explains.

Jado runs Elite Agency: a real estate company that he created to become a part of the real estate industry, but also to change the lives of the people he works with by giving them the house of their dreams. This is where that excellent customer service piece comes into play for Jado and his team: they are always looking forward to helping their clients find the right fit for their needs no matter what time of day it is.

“The passion to genuinely help people make their American dream come true and own a home without having to over pay in a brutal market is what got me started in real estate,” Jado explains.

For Jado, what has helped make him successful even with all of the struggles in the real estate world is having a good mindset. Without that, he could not be successful and would not have made it as far as he is now!

“Mindset is everything when starting a business, especially an industry that you have never worked in before, to be able to mentally train yourself to stay focused and learn every single day is a challenge,” Jado says.

Jado is excited to move forward with his business. This year, he is focusing on expanding his team to meet the needs of the increased number of buyers and sellers who have come back to him and who have just started their journey with his company. His biggest accomplishment thus far has been the amount of people he has been able to help and change their lives. This includes himself and his family.

“Being able to help a huge amount of people in my first couple of years has been my greatest success. I am averaging triple the amount of transactions that newer agents do. I have also gained financial freedom and even the ability to spend more time with my wife and kids and create memories,” Jado says.

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