Unveiling Success: Carol Ortega’s Financial Expertise in the Legal Cannabis Landscape

In the vibrant world of the legal cannabis industry, one figure shines with skill and vision: Carol Ortega. With a strong background in finance and venture capital, Carol has left an indelible mark on the cannabis landscape in the Americas. From her financial consultancy, Muisca Capital, she has successfully advised more than 50 companies in the sector, mobilizing more than $250 million in funds.

“With more than a dozen successful exits in the Cannabis industry, my consultancy has been trusted by several angel investors, funds and leading financial institutions regarding due diligence, risk management and resource placement in diversified portfolios,” Carol explains.

Since the inception of her business, Carol Ortega has stood out as a renowned activist in the cannabis industry, investor, and highly qualified financial professional who provides financial director services on a temporary basis or for specific projects to companies that do not require or cannot afford traditional help.

Carol’s passion for the positive socio economic impact that the cannabis industry can have on Latino communities prompted her to found Muisca Capital in 2013. With her top-notch services and exit strategies, Carol has become an undisputed leader in the sector.

Carol has seen both sides of the legal cannabis industry, however. For many years, drugs–including cannabis–were strongly regulated and people who used them were persecuted. Latino communities, in particular, have received a lot of ire and blame for drug usage and popularization. 

Carol is no exception to this, unfortunately. Despite her efforts to do the right thing and help others in this business, she has been the target of much persecution as a woman and a Latina.

“Being a Latina woman in the world of finance and cannabis has not been easy for me. However, through knowledge, experience, and dedication, I have shown that barriers can be overcome,” shares Carol Ortega.

Thankfully, Carol never gave up and continued to make herself known in the cannabis financing business. Investors, funds, and prominent financial institutions have recognized her success in a challenging environment.

Her vision of seeking meaningful change in society through inclusion and social justice goes beyond just her business. In addition to her outstanding work at Muisca Capital, Carol Ortega serves as a member of the advisory board of the International Cannabis Consulting Business Women Association (ICBWA), promoting female participation in the industry. Coming soon, in June, she will be at the Global Capital Network Investor Conference in Newport Beach, where she will also participate as an investment judge, bringing her experience and vision to the world of investments.

Carol Ortega, with her passion, experience, and dedication, has left an indelible mark on the legal cannabis industry. Her commitment to Latino communities, her focus on financial freedom, and her entrepreneurial success make her an inspiring role model for all. Check out her website here and check out her blog here!