Heinz Kaegi Was Inspired By People’s Passion and Leadership, So He Created A Business Around It. Find Out More Below.

People are behind the inspiration of Heinz Kaegi’s decision to begin his business known as the emPower Leadership Group under Kaegi Leadership, LTD. For him, he was interested in the people that you encountered in life that left a lasting impression even if they just said one or two things to you.

“Throughout my management career, I came across a few human beings of this scarce race, who share maybe just a sentence with you that hits your heart straight so you would remember it for the rest of your beautiful Life. A good number of such seeming co-incidences did take place on my path. The magic and the providence are a unique pair in the Universe, responding to our willingness to listen and to mindfully follow our intuition,” Heinz explains.

Originally, Heinz was attempting to pave a path for himself in the business world as a part of a team in another company. Unfortunately, that did not work out well for him. Despite his best efforts and attempts to prove himself with his decades of experience, things did not end well for Heinz at this business.

“I reorganized the sales and marketing division and aligned it to match the strategic changes for a successful future. In the midst of producing promising progress, it was for the first time in my career that I faced a stumbling stone of a seemingly insurmountable class. My boss increasingly disagreed and later disapproved of my strategic approach. After quite some time in this limiting and frustrating lose-lose pattern, the moment of truth swiftly approached and it was time to make a good choice: either compromise and investing more time of my life and effort  into something I did not believe in while being the visionary path forward thus walking against own values, or to follow the voice of my heart and focus on something else,” Heinz states.

So what Heinz did when faced with this choice was to reflect on the people that inspired him and realized that he could make something of his own by finding and creating these special leaders. This is what led to the creation of Kaegi Leadership Ltd and the emPower Group.

“In this time, as the founder of emPowerment Group Ltd. I built this international company with activities in the same sector as before. Now with an even stronger portfolio with the worldwide exclusive LEX Leaders Excellence™ Program he had designed for executives to moving from hard work to heart work.®

It was in the year 2016 when Kaegi-Leadershift Ltd. emerged from the emPowerment Group. The international team of mentors and coaches inspires, develops and shapes the future, together with visionary executives and for companies, to reach groundbreaking emPowerment, leading from that future and performing a sustainable impact for an economy of heart,” Heinz remarks.

Keeping to his original goal, Heinz loves what he does now because it allows for these intimate settings that allows him to connect with all of the amazing people that he encounters in his life and through his coaching programs.

“I love it very much as well to work in intimate group settings with the scarce race of personalities and true leaders who have their commitment from within the heart to produce sustainable success and fulfillment that adds life value for all involved,” 

Heinz is not slowing down now! He has big projects planned for the future as he continues to grow his businesses and his business portfolio.

In 2020, the world of work has changed forever. The lifetime of managers is over. It is now time to grow beyond. In this context, I have created a concept to answer this wake-up call. As the initiator of this visionary idea, I am in preparation together with my core international team to form the ‘International Economy of Heart Foundation’” Heinz comments.

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