Swiss Top Executive Mentor Heinz Kaegi Shows Us How All Our Experiences Lead Us Towards Our True Destiny

A lot of people out there dream about becoming an entrepreneur, having their own business, and being their own boss. However, they find themselves thinking it’s too late in their life, especially after they’ve worked so hard at getting to where they are. It is this fear of leaving behind their current life that keeps them from truly being happy and fulfilling their true potential. What they don’t know is that all they have been through, all the experiences they have had in both work and life, actually serve as building blocks toward this ultimate destiny. 

This was the case for Heinz Kaegi. After a decade of corporate level experience, Heinz set out to build his own company by using the knowledge he had gained throughout his life. Despite the lack of encouragement from his friends and family at the time, Heinz took the jump. Less than 2 years later, he was leading his own leadership workshops in Florida. Now, Heinz is a renowned speaker, coach, and best selling author who leads mentorship programs across the world. 

Heinz used his experiences from working in the corporate world and set out to change the way managers lead themselves and their teams. He started off as a partner at a national personal development firm, designing and conducting curriculums for sales and marketing people and managers of all industries. In these fascinating times, he learned to transform the seeming stumbling stones into building blocks – by treating them as such right from the beginning when they show up. Heinz addressed concerns such as: “What makes the difference between a manager and a leader, really?”By doing extensive research on what makes a great leader, Heinz gained fascinating insights, which eventually led him to create LEX Leadershift Excellence™ for Life, which teaches leaders the essential 7 laws of leadership. 

“What you can conceive and truly believe, you can achieve,” shares Heinz Kaegi. 

Looking back on his life so far, Heinz comes to the natural and compelling conclusion that all his tops and flops produced were, are, and will be the result of his personal mindset. Of course, you’re never just by yourself meaning there are always other people involved both in success and failure. It is nevertheless your personal mindset that creates the resonance and attracts alike thought patterns, people and things.

“What is the difference between success and something less? We either believe in our visions and goals – or in our excuses,” says Heinz. 

Heinz Kaegi is available on Instagram here. Make sure to visit his website to learn more about him and how he is helping leaders all over the world.