Mike Ficara Works To Grow Other People’s Brands and Businesses: Learn More About This Business Development and Marketing Specialist

To start a business it is not enough to just have the idea and the capital to carry out that idea. The truth is that starting a company whether it is big or small implies much more than that, as there are many roles that need to be covered.

In general and as long as possible, it is good to delegate some functions within the company to people who share the same vision and have the ability to fulfill the assigned duty, such as outsourcing to a marketing specialist.

Mike Ficara is a business development and marketing specialist. His primary focus is growth and scale strategies for clients, in addition to expertise in personal brand building and social media strategy.

At Brand Ethos we work closely with organizations to ensure that marketing, sales, and implementation work effectively and efficiently. We have helped our clients solve problems, maximize resources, understand the digital world, build teams and improve operations. For growth to be effective, it must be sustainable. We help companies develop a long-term strategy to master growth. We help companies understand the key principles of growing a business in the digital information age.” Mike explains.

Mike was motivated to work in the business development and marketing industry because he has always wanted to grow professionally and has observed many business owners struggle knowing where to turn when it comes to growing their businesses.

Everyone has a guy who can do things for them, and that guy is usually me. So what inspired me to get into this industry is that I saw a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners who didn’t know where they could go to find the right people to help them grow their business. Too often they have wasted money with the wrong person, I’m the guy who makes sure that doesn’t happen!” Mike says.

After going through the long road to success, Mike has learned through experience what it takes to grow not only his business but to help other people grow their businesses as well.

“My three pieces of advice to people trying to start their own business is– First, don’t call yourself a CEO. Call yourself a vice president or president and set a goal for when you earn that title. Even if you can do it all, don’t do it all! Second, find the 3-5 things you do best and outsource the rest to a team. Even if you lose money in the short term, this will help you grow and scale faster! And third, if possible, find a partner who supports your weaknesses and can leverage your strengths. The power of two people with one vision can change the world. We will all have ups and downs, but if we have someone to lift us up when we are down and bring us back down when we are too high, the realities or your business will be much clearer.” Mike shares.

Many times people want to do everything and focus on looking good to others. This can lead many to struggle saying no. This can become an obstacle in a person’s professional development.

The biggest obstacle I have overcome in my business career is that I had to stop trying to be everything to everyone. When I learned the power of the word ‘NO’ and niched myself, I was able to grow my team, my business, and my free time!” He says.

In his work, Mike differentiates himself from other companies and people who provide similar services in the same industry through the approach he brings to his business.

We count deliverables completed and measurable growth, not hours. We make sure the client knows we are here to help them win, not bleed them dry. Our process allows us to become part of the client’s team, not a contractor or vendor. By becoming a part of their organization, we are able to see rapid growth for our clients. We get out of the stands and onto the field! When we see a problem, we offer the customer a solution, and if we can’t find one, we own our mistakes by offering a refund or a credit. This is the right thing to do and has resulted in many excellent and trusting relationships.” Mike adds.

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