Meet Don Kazim: He Has Over 10 Years Of Experience As a Sports Consultant and Runs Don Picks Official. Find Out More Below!

The world of sports betting has many benefits and has grown exponentially over the years. Some of its main benefits include entertainment value, convenience, easy to start, the opportunity to make some cash and much more. Don Kazim is an entrepreneur who saw a big opportunity in this field and decided to go for it.

He runs Don Picks Official, a sports consulting business that sells daily sports picks and has weekly and monthly subscriptions. It all began a long time ago when Don was in college. He started his first sportsbook account and it quickly went from being a hobby to becoming an obsession.

“I started betting on all kinds of sports… MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL you name it. As a college student I was able to accumulate over $250,000 dollars in profit and a year after graduation that total grew to nearly $650,000 dollars all from sports betting”, Don explains.

Now, sports betting has changed his entire life and helped him pay off his loans, travels, lifestyle, buy his dream house and invest into the things he believes in. Of course, it hasn’t been an easy road but Don has never given up, and now he is living his dream.

In fact, only few people realize that sportsbetting can be used as an alternative income stream and that’s why Don started his business. He wanted to help clients take advantage of this growing industry and investment opportunity to generate compound income just like he has. Also, part of his mission is to create profitable sportsbetters.

Don Picks Official provides many benefits to their clients. Every pick, play and action is researched and analyzed to ensure their plays are a step ahead of the field. Plus, they have a customer oriented policy and their objective is very clear: help their clients win more plays. 

Don manages to stand out from other similar businesses due to his 10+ years of experience and all the knowledge and expertise he has gained. In fact, he absolutely loves what he does. That’s what makes all the difference.

My competition is zirconium and I am a diamond; this distinction serves as my reminder to be successful”, Don shares.

However, every entrepreneur knows that starting a business is not an easy job. Don had to overcome losses in the sportsbetting industry that if not controlled properly would have led him to bankruptcy. He has also dealt with procrastination and the feeling of uncertainty; two big challenges he had to overcome in order to become the successful man he is today.

I strive to be the best, I love what I do and I have an unhealthy obsession to build this brand and welcome sportsbetters of all skill levels from all over”, Don details.

He also advises all entrepreneurs looking to start a business to find someone who is doing what they want to do, and figure out how to become a student of their work. Hiring a mentor is also an excellent option. In today’s world, mentors can be key to any business’s success by giving the entrepreneurs insights from those who did it before them. They’ll receive guidance based on real-world experience, connections to other advisors and much more.

Don is not planning to slow down anytime soon! His main focus this year is to grow his business and brand and to cultivate a community of sportsbetters that seems like family. That’s why they welcome all members regardless of skill level.

Learn more about Don’s story and join his community here.