Mario Garcia’s Journey of Business Mastery 

Mario Garcia is a successful Solar Sales manager, Real Estate investor, and Logistics company owner.

As a solar manager, he offers well-defined mentoring for entry-level sales representatives. Specializing in solar solutions and committing to delivering an exceptional customer service experience. In an unregulated industry, he demonstrates unwavering commitment to his customers and the sales reps that work with him. 

“The fulfillment you get from helping someone save money from day 1 of switching to solar is hard to beat. It gives you a desire to master the craft and improve,” Mario mentions.

His solar management not only revolves around the conventional aspects, but also incorporates a wealth-coaching element dedicated to nurturing growth and abundance within his team of representatives.

“We want everyone to win and think bigger than ever,” Mario explains.

He brings high sales skills for handling objections and persuading clients through education and the experience of prospecting door-to-door, building clientele from cold knocking, and expanding networks through recruiting efforts. As a result, Mario’s representatives are renowned for their ability to create a robust lead pipeline.

“Most people in this space that want to grow and lead others see it as a numbers game. It’s important to take a step back, increase the skill set, and take it to the next level. This is a people business, not a numbers business. The numbers will come, if you do it the right way.”

Additionally, Mario manages a real estate portfolio incorporating short-term and long-term rentals. Employing the BRRR method, which implements creative financing techniques that cultivate a robust cash flow.

“I am excited about the expansion that will take place by the end of 2024. I project a revenue surpassing a quarter million,” Mario shares.

Regarding the logistics sector, Mario started on a venture in the logistics sector and operates both during the day and night. The company’s operations involve picking up loads from Amazon using the Amazon Relay system and dispatched routes connected by independent brokers, driving the business forward throughout the day.

“It has a lot of potential. It’s still in the infancy stage and I attacked it during a “logistics recession” so it’s been an exciting venture. As I grow my relationships in the sector I see myself adding trucks to the fleet”

Mario has ambitious projects for the coming year; he is  building a new business, expanding his real estate ventures, and attracting more solar sales reps and customers. Mario also shows interest in crypto, planning to dive deeper into this arena while fortifying his professional network.