Lina Caballero Designs is a Jewelry Studio Based in New York City: Meet the Woman Behind Their Spectacular Designs

Lina Caballero Designs is a jewelry studio based in New York City that handcrafts every piece using high-quality materials. They focus on designing and creating jewelry that women worldwide can enjoy wearing.

Most recently, Lina Caballero Designs’ high jewelry was seen on famous runway model and Countess Caroline Derpienski during her appearance at the VIP yellow carpet in the Los Angeles Fashion Week.

The woman behind this magnificent studio is Lina Caballero herself, a Colombian jewelry designer known for her most spectacular designs. She designs jewelry for private clients and also for large companies from her NYC-based studio.

“I am a fashion designer. I studied fashion design and marketing in Medellin, Colombia, and then came to New York, where I found my true love and realized that I was creating jewelry for myself that I could share with others. So I decided to specialize in jewelry.” Lina recounts.

For Lina, it all began when she started to make jewelry for herself in secret from her husband because at first, he did not like that his wife was working on her own jewelry. However, she continued with her work and realized that she had many designs.

Soon, these designs and jewelry pieces started to add up and she had accumulated too many pieces for her own. So she thought about how these pieces could please other people if they were able to obtain them.

Currently Lina sells and creates these spectacular jewelry designs from her NYC-based studio. They produce and offer statement rings, mismatched earrings, simple chains that double as a bracelet or necklace, and can give that finishing touch to an outfit and more.

“I identify with the professional, enterprising, classy, and elegant woman. I wanted to reach that kind of person through my jewelry, which carries in it all my love, passion and soul.” Lina states.

Indeed, Lina believes that jewelry should be exciting and new. Her signature style combines mixed metals, delicate diamonds, pops of color, and edgy shapes for a feminine and eclectic look. 

Lina Caballeros Designs’ also participated in the Paris Fashion Week. There, Lina collaborated with Pedro Juan as an artist and jewelry designer in the most glamorous week in Europe.

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