Jorge Palmero Created a Business Dedicated to the People He Wished to Serve. Find Out How He Does it Below

Reinventing yourself is something that takes a lot of courage particularly in the middle of a pandemic. Many people would not have the courage to go back to the drawing board after so many years of working, but that is exactly what Jorge Palmero did this past year. 

“I was in the process of reinventing myself. I had some ideas of what I wanted to accomplish but all came to clarity when discussing these ideas with my wife, daughter and son in law. It was at that time when we decided to offer financial counseling to others, offering our experiences on what to do and not what to do,” Jorge explains.

Jorge’s story begins decades ago, however. A graduate from Oxford, he had been in the corporate world for 25 years. Creating a fantastic career for himself, he found that he wasn’t getting what he needed out of life and his career, which inspired this change. This many years of experience guided him into his next step.

“I am a 60 years old professional. I graduated from Oxford University in England and did my MBA at Indiana University. I have worked in corporate America for over 25 years; but always had an entrepreneur’s heart. I was never afraid of failure and I never missed an opportunity to  learn new things.  In that sense, throughout my life I failed so many times but each failure, as painful as they were, was a learning experience for me. So, I guess what makes me unique is that I have that corporate and structured mentality; but also, the passion  and open mindedness that only an entrepreneur has,” Jorge recounts.

However, Jorge is not just offering generic services for people’s finances that leave without full knowledge of the financial world. Instead, Jorge’s business is focused on how they can help people as much as humanly possible. In other words, they are centered around the customer’s experience and how best to help them based on their feedback.

“We wanted to be different and decided to base our services on superb customer services and our driving force was to impact… to change people’s lives; which later became our motto, our slogan.

So our strategy is based on introducing our clients to our 31 module business class. We strongly believe in educating them. We introduce them to several passive income generating businesses, we will show them how to invest and generate this income that will literally change their lives. We will help them make  their dreams come true and meet their God giving destiny,” Jorge states.

With such high standards and a very clear mission statement that constantly strived to help customers, it was hard for Jorge and his team to find partners who were up to the challenge and up to their standards. However, bit by bit, the company was able to connect with the right people to make their dreams come true and find valuable partners to work in tandem with their mission.

“Our biggest obstacle was probably finding the right companies to partner with, as our standards are very high. We believe we have accomplished that.

We integrate pieces into our overall service and product offer; in that sense we partner with certain individuals or companies to accomplish that. We believe in supporting our customer 100%

We take pride in it. We believe that their customer experience with us should be first class. We just don’t sell a product and service and then tell them you are on your own. We need to make sure that every single customer of ours succeeds. We leave no customer behind!!” Jorge exclaims.

Having found the right people and the right service to make a difference in people’s lives, Jorge and his team are excited to continue to grow their company and do more of what they love. They are excited to announce their next big step:

“We will open a new facility to handle some of our custom’s products. We are planning on onboarding more than fifty new stores and growing our funding department to a division as we have been so successful in that area,” Jorge details.

To find out more about Jorge, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.