Immigrant landings in South Florida jumped nearly 300% in October

More than 850 immigrants arrived on the Florida coast in October, in 54 separate landings, which represents a nearly 300% increase from October 2021 when 14 landings were recorded, Adam Hoffner, deputy chief of patrol, told CNN. 

“The U.S. Border Patrol – Miami Sector is committed to working with our law enforcement partners at the federal, state and local levels in a whole-of-government effort to address any potential increase in irregular maritime migration or threats to border security in Florida,” Hoffner said.

The immigrants who arrive on the Florida coast are mostly Cubans and have pointed out that the deteriorating conditions on the island is one of the reasons that drives them to seek their way to the United States.

For years, Cubans have been fleeing their country, but recent social upheaval, persecution and shortages of basic goods have further prompted them to leave.

In recent months, authorities have recorded a growing number of immigrants, mainly Haitians and Cubans, traveling to US shores in makeshift boats.