Education Crusader Ethan Malveaux Takes on the Status Quo: A Journey of Resilience and Reform

Ethan Malveaux is a historian, author, executive producer and a passionate advocate for education reform, who has dedicated part of his life to challenging the status quo in American schools. Born in October of 1979, Ethan’s journey from a humble beginning to becoming a respected educator, author, is a testament to his resilience and commitment to his beliefs.

Ethan shares. “My experience at Fordham Preparatory School, where I received a BA degree in political science, ignited my passion for learning and teaching.

After encountering the limitations of the public school curriculum during his tenure as a teacher, Ethan recognized the urgent need for innovative educational solutions. 

Because of the politics and lobbying surrounding the American education system post the sixties and seventies, the education business is not processing and updating the curriculum in a way that is transferring what the elders know and the children know back and forth in an efficient way.” He says.

Ethan embarked on a mission to revolutionize education through his education tutorial business back in 2016. Nonetheless, his plans fell through when he was unable to build the kind of team needed to run a business.

In my opinion you cannot convince investors without having the necessary tech expertise solidified. My idea is not a one man show.” Ethan comments, and reflects on the obstacles he shares, “Businesses have to be a collaboration in order to be a success.”

When it comes to advising other entrepreneurs looking to launch their own ventures, Ethan draws inspiration from his past experiences and advocates for a clear mindset and disciplined approach to entrepreneurship. 

I think mindset is very important because if the founder doesn’t believe in the business then why should the employees or partners? The founder’s mindset, or the group of founders, must be clear headed and focused as to the purpose of the product.” He stresses, and adds, “Make the question of whether the person is a manager or an owner must be answered (even before the individual makes their move to start a business). Furthermore, find a reputable team to work with in order to help manifest the project and bring it to fruition.”

Ethan sets himself apart from his competition with a unique perspective and foresight. His book, “The Color Line: A History,” published in 2015, delved into the development of the European color line and its impact on both Europe and America. Remarkably, it anticipated the current cultural shifts and interests prevailing in the West today. 

Ethan possesses a keen eye for identifying trends in culture and politics that often go unnoticed by others in the field, showcasing his ability to stay ahead of the curve in his analysis and commentary.

Ethan possesses exceptional public speaking skills honed through years of experience. During his college years, he was regularly featured as the keynote speaker for various student group events, showcasing his ability to captivate audiences with his articulate delivery and engaging presence. 

Unfazed by the presence of celebrities or cameras, Ethan exudes confidence and professionalism in any situation. Beyond his prowess in public speaking, he is also a talented artist, commissioned to create a Rosary Booklet for the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament. 

This artistic flair has seamlessly transitioned into his work in optical design for media, where he demonstrates a keen eye for enhancing visual aesthetics through thoughtful design and background composition.

Join Ethan Malveaux and learn more about his journey and gain insights for your own path to success.