Charles Truvillion Never Gave Up On His Dream and He Was Able to Finally Help People Turn Their Credit Around

Charles Truvillion was given a chance to hone his skills in the credit world when he was given a random opportunity to help out while at an event. Though he didn’t realize it at the time, this was the beginning of a new start for his career path.

“While at an event they were asking about fixing credit and getting loans, so I offered some information. I offered to help for free because due to me getting a DUI in 2013 I didn’t think many people would take me seriously. I struggled with entrepreneurship, so I decided to take my talents to Las Vegas, NV,” Charles recounts.

Charles had been working for years as a chef before he found the world of credit and financial repair. However, this life, he realized, was not for him. That is when the credit world worked its way into his life, but with the tragic loss of his mentor, Charles wasn’t sure he would go back to that world. Then came this coincidental moment!

“I was a self taught chef who learned from watching Food Network many hours per day. Everyone loved my food and my mixture of different flavors from across the world. Prior to becoming a private chef, my rich dad always said never get a credit card, always pay cash. I lived that way until I met my credit dad once I moved to Atlanta, GA. My credit dad taught me everything about credit: how to manage it and how it could help me in the future. A few years later, he passed away. Not thinking I had enough knowledge, I kept being a chef on the side while I worked in corporate America. Unfortunately, I lost my job in 2011 and I had to be a chef full time,” Charles explains.

Now known as The Credit Chef, Charles never gave up on his dream to continue to help people with their credit and fix their finances. What has helped him succeed, despite all of the ups and downs, was his incredible mindset. Even when times were tough, Charles jumped in with both feets, as demonstrated by the event, and was willing to put himself on the line to make a difference in a company and do something that he loved.

“The most important part of being a business owner is your mindset. You have to build an impenetrable mind to not accept any negativity because it will stop your success,” Charles states.

To date, Charles’ company has helped thousands of customers change their lives; they were unable to make the big changes in their life because of their bad credit, but Charles helped turn their lives around. With good credit almost everything becomes possible.

“To date, we have helped over 5000 consumers repair their credit, buy a new home, or save money on their interest payments. This by far outweighs the feeling I would get when a new client tasted my dish because that lasts only a moment. Good credit lasts a lifetime,” Charles says.

If you need help getting your credit on track or want some financial advice to improve your credit, look no further than The Credit Chef himself. To find out more about Charles and his business, you can follow him on Instagram here and check out his website here.